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Do you need help formulating an employee benefits package for your business? Get expert assistance from Nick Laack with Aflac Madison, Wisconsin Area in Dane County. I’m a trained business consultant equipped with resources and knowledge to meet the specific needs of your company. It’s my priority to make things simple for you.

Quality Guidance

There’s much to be considered when compiling a benefits plan for your employees. From accident insurance to dental and vision insure, we’ll discuss all your options. It’s also important to keep your company’s finances in mind. I can help you construct a budget and determine what to choose for your setup, offering services that go beyond other consulting firms.

Valuable Insight

Creating a company benefits policy comes with difficult terminology and detailed legal procedures. As an experienced business consultant, I’ll provide clarity and answer important questions. I’ll also ensure that whatever you decide follows regulations and keeps your business in good legal standing.

Successful Solutions

To maintain a strong reputation as a business, you want to offer benefits your employees will appreciate. Look to me as an informed business consultant who will advise what’s best for your region and keep you relevant. Once you select your specific plan, I can enact initial implementation. I strive to be an employee benefits consultant that prioritizes your best interests and the best interests of your employees.

Hire Beneficial Support

Save time, money, and stress when attempting to create the best benefits plan for your business by hiring Nick Laack with Aflac Madison, Wisconsin Area in Dane County. It’s my mission to be a business consultant who produces advantageous results for your company. Reach out to see what I can assist you with.


We’ll discuss various insurance options for your employees, including:

Cancer Insurance

Accident Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Life Insurance

Hospital Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

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Madison’s Expert Business Consultant

Having a well-thought-out, organized employee benefits plan is an essential asset to your company. Make the creation process efficient by trusting Nick Laack with Aflac Madison, Wisconsin Area as your business consultant. Call (608) 393-2803 with questions about my services in Dane County. I look forward to helping your business stay ahead of the game.

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